Intensa’s laboratory seating is comprised of many designs, price points and functions to suit any type of lab environment. Some designs are offered with different bases, single or dual lever controls, clean room applications and even a chair that folds under the lab table to store out of the way. Intensa also offers one of the largest color stories with multiple textile collection with extensive color palettes, matching patterns and non-PVC vinyls.

Series 894

Series 884 CC

Series 884

Series 878

Series 873

Series 872

Series 871

Series 868

Series 863

Series 862

Series 861

Series 848SC

Series 848DC CC

Series 848DC

Series 843SC ESD

Series 843SC

Series 843DC

Series 842SC

Series 842DC

Series 841SC CC

Series 841SC

Series 838

Series 833

Series 832

Series 831

Series 818

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